Hospitality Edition

Elevate Your Guests’ Work Space
Innovate the seldom-used but essential hotel room desk. Join the many hoteliers who are moving to functional, height-flexible work tables in their communal work stations and hotel rooms to better suit each business guest’s personal work style, whether it be to sit or stand in private or in a social work space.

Guest Work Spaces Re-imagined with Actiforce’s Line of Desks
The ideal ergonomics of each Actiforce height-adjustable desk is customizable for every guest, whether they sit or stand. Either by motor or hand crank, guests can adjust desk heights in micro-increments to dial-in the perfect position.

The clean lines of the Actiforce desk frame comes in a variety of color options to fit with your hotel decor, and in a wide range of sizes, from a small mobile electric desk to a standard-size single desk or a six-seater large group desk.

Guests Love Height-Adjustable Desks For…
- Better health and wellbeing
- Increased productivity
- Better posture & ergonomics
- Decreased body aches
- Improved focus
- Increased energy

Affordable, Durable, and Easy
Our high-quality desks are sturdy, affordable, and reliable. The motors hold up to frequent use. They are easy to assemble, and our support team is available to help troubleshoot if you have a problem.

Shop for the perfect desks today or contact us with any questions.