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Elevate Your Work Space At Home

Whether you are new to working from home or are a seasoned WFH warrior, hopefully you’re not working from your sofa, bed, kitchen table, or, just as bad, a traditional desk. Improper ergonomics can cause bodily pains and injury.

And all that sitting is not good for your health. Studies have shown that prolonged sitting may be linked to heart disease, obesity, and worse. The best idea is to move throughout the day, alternating between sitting and standing.

A height-adjustable desk is an ideal solution for both ergonomics and health. You can quickly adjust the desk in micro-increments to your most comfortable sitting or standing position. A height-adjustable desk promotes movement, creating a healthier you.

You Will Love Height-Adjustable Desks For So Many Reasons
- Ideal ergonomics
- Promotes better health
- Increases productivity
- Improves posture
- Decreases body aches
- Increases energy
- Improves focus

Your Work Space Re-imagined with Actiforce’s Line of Desks
Actiforce makes a wide range of desks to suit all spaces and budgets, from the economical hand crank desk to our most tech savvy motorized desks with preprogrammed position settings. All desks can be dialed in for perfect ergonomics.

Actiforce desks are a timeless Danish and Dutch design, easily fitting into your home decor. They are inspiring and multi-functional, with clean lines and a variety of finishes, materials and color options.

You can add a cable management system, casters, an under-mount keyboard tray, a monitor mount and more.

Affordable, Durable, and Easy
Actiforce desks are budget-friendly, yet high-quality, sturdy and reliable; the components hold up to frequent use. They are easy to assemble, and our support team is available to help troubleshoot if you have any problems.

Shop for the perfect desks today or contact us with any questions.